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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo Extravaganza

Whelp, that's about all I've got as far as the how-to's go...if there is anything I didn't cover, please let me know! To wrap up, I'll post some of my favorite photos from the day...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little blog, and for all of you planning your own Disney or themed weddings, I wish you all of the magic in the world. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, or feel free to shoot me a message just to chat!

We watched Disney movies while we got ready

Combing my hair with a Dinglehopper :)
Sis getting her makeup done...she'd kill me if she knew I put this in my blog, hehe!

Jasmine making Mimosas
My dog Phoebe, watching the chaos
Prince Eric getting ready
Boys being boys
Silly them so much
My sis-in-law and cuz-in-law putting me into my dress  <3
Mumsie putting on my necklace

Combing my hair with my Dinglehopper

Saaaaaaaay Flounder!
Best friend hugs

The mad rush to get out the door

Chris's parents walking down the aisle

Tweedle Dee walking my Mom (and Flounder) down the aisle

Tweedle Dee did a quick-change to become Governor Ratcliffe, and walked my sister Cinderella down the aisle

Jafar and Snow White

Hades and Jasmine

Frollo and Alice

Captain Hook and Aurora

Mr. Smee and Giselle

Scar and Belle

Meg and Gaston


Bridesmaids...they all walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of "Under the Sea"

Dad and I walking down to an instrumental version of "Part of Your World"

Chris, watching us walk down the aisle



Best man giving us the ring...I love the look on his says, "Look! I did my job!"


My parents

Our friend's wonderful daughter who came to interpret the wedding for us for my sis and some of her friends



True Love's Kiss (Song playing? "Kiss the Girl", of course! We lit the unity candle to an instrumental version of "So This is Love")


He's so sweet!

Bubbles (we processed out to the "Mickey Mouse  Club March")

AH! Don't drop me!

Me and my beautiful mom

Chris's family

Chillin' like a villain...or Alice

My family

One of my favorite photos

Us with all our wonderful girls...they're amazing

I don't even know...haha!

Me and the boys...I love them!

Boys on the jungle gym


Daring prince

My girls on the playground

Love them so colorful!

Tweedle Dee Squared on the balance beam

Villains like playgrounds, too!

Smee on the slide

I love you, Flounder!

My silly, amazing friends



Boys, drinkin' beer and smokin' cigars, as boys (especially villains) are wont to do.

Black and white



Governor Ratcliffe

Tweedle Dee





Snow White







Part of your world
The group  :)

Oh no! Villains attack!

Disney madness

Dreams do come true...

Singing in the Rain is my favorite movie  :)

Flounder and Chesh, watching the fun  :)  

Looking up the famous picture by artist Brianna Garcia so that we could try to emulate it

Our Brianna Garcia picture! :D  That girl is SUCH a talented artist...check her out!
Did I mention our reception was costume optional? Here are some of our pirate friends that came!

Entering the reception to "Heffalumps and Woozles"  :)

Maid of Honor speech (I cried)

Best Man Speech (I cried again)

My Dad's Speech (I cried some more)

First Dance to "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band

First Dance

Bridal Party Dance to "Hakuna Matata"

Meg breaking it down with the shopping cart

Dancing with my sister...yeah...I'm an awesome dancer. (NOT)

Father-Daughter dance to "Butterfly Kisses". I cried A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother-Son dance to "House on Pooh Corner"

Bouquet toss (to "How Does She Know" from Enchanted)
Girlies jumping for the bouquet! (Snow White caught it!)

Garter toss to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan...SO EMBARRASSING!

Adorable dancing princess

Princess party time!


Dance party

Our car after our friends got a hold of it, haha!

Sorry that the post was so long...I couldn't figure out a way to format it to where the photos were closer together, fails me sometimes. Anyway...those are some of my favorite photos from the day. :)   It was hard to choose, because we have over fifteen hundred photos from our amazing photographer!

See ya real soon!